Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HEy everyone~
Sorry it's been awhile for my MASS emails. I just moved into my house on Monday. It has a bed that I sleep on and that's about it right now. I am going to try and do some art work for my wall. Hopefully use some of the trash that is floating in the trenches here. ITs a nice place, it has two tiny bedrooms, like my double bed could barely fit in small, and a shower and toilet inside. That was what I was excited about. My job is going well, I go to the Vreed-En-Hoop Health Center around 8, because if I am there on time I am the only one there, so I leave around 8 and walk to the center. It takes me about 5 minutes to walk there. I do a lot of weighing babies and pregnant mothers. It sounds easy but when there is a screaming baby that you are making sure will not pee on you while reading the scale, it can be difficult. The best is the fact that I STILL try and use my sarcasm humor with the mothers. Guyanese people don't really get sarcasm, so they will step on the scale and I will just be like " I bet this is your favorite part of the day getting weighed by me." I get NO response. It's really weird how things go at the health centers cause they are given a number when they come so they are only known by their number. I also do admissions, so when they women come in for the first time I will ask them sometimes inappropriate questions on the form like, what is your religion?, was this a planned pregnancy and if no then why not? It's not too bad, I had two women yesterday that didn't know how to read or write. I have to ask them if they are literate. IT was so sad that they had two kids and couldn't read to them. I only work from 8-12 then have been working on my house, bit by bit. I have discovered a gang of cat size rats living by my house. It's like in Princess Bride...I believe its R.O.U.S.

I was trying to think of some good stories to tell. They have only chinese resteraunts here so Ihave been to a couple. I have a problem being too nice to people so they are always asking me for money. I was being so good at this chinese place with 3 other volunteers and an old homeless man came up with a cup and kept puting it in our faces. i was like NO, and kept talking.. I guess he though that I shouldn't have said no so he grabbed all the chicken from my chicken fried rice and ran. It was a run by chicken snatch. I was so stunned but yet thought it was really funny. I swear the chinese places are so crazy. I saw the menu and was so excited to see other things than egg rolls but when asking the owner about them he said they didn't have any...I asked "EVER?" and he shook his head. So they were only on the menu to make it look's awesome. I do enjoy some ice cream here and put recreos in it. It's amazing (Recreos are the fake Oreo).

I haven't gotten used to the heat yet, I sweat so much. The sweat here is vicious too, it goes through everything. Back sweat will go through your shirt, through your backpack, and making your notebooks with minimal water damage. ha ha that is so gross but that's just how it is. I have gotten used to the transportations here, to get to Georgetown from my house I ride a speedboat. It's a huge speedboat that has a cover on it and made completely out of wood. ITs' cheap though, only 100 dollars so U.S. 0.50. Riding around town on the bus is 0.30. So things aren't too expensive but when I don't make much it can kick you in the pants.
Things are going well, just going one day at a time. I hope everyone is well. Please keep me updated. . Love you all