Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Since I have been back in the country I have not been very good about posting things. Mostly cause I really haven't taken any pics, it's just me in a cold mountainous terrain. I have been here in SLC for about 2 months now and it' nice, I love the mountains actually, but miss the sun. It will find me again hopefully. I got a job working for Primary Childrens Medical Center and I really like the experience I'm getting, it's helping me to decide what I want to go to school for. It really is such a great place helping so many kiddos, but it's tough too. Other than that I have been working on losing my "Peace Corps 20" I like to call it. The gym is a hard place to be, especially for the first week...or month, trying not to act like your dying from the lack of oxygen. I hate being that person who has to push the emergency off button because I don't want to pass out. I'd like to think that I have improved since last week, it helps me want to go again tomorrow. I'm not sure if anyone really follows my blog anymore since it's been out of commission for awhile. I recently just got back into the computer world with my new purchase of my own:) Best day ever. Well if anything this can be a great journal for me.