Sunday, November 06, 2011


Family Time!!

Veda has the cutes lil smirk

Hendrix loves the slide

The kiddos love to go to the park by their house and play Hide N Seek. They get so excited when you can't find them..... 
Bath Time

It took a long time of me staring and tilting my head to figure out how Am did this strappy baby holder..

I LOVE watching Hendrix run.. what a stud!

Hendrix dressed up as an "Astronaut"

Veda dressed as a candy corn

Quinn as a cat

Gracie's "cheese"

We had a great Halloween party with the family and made homemade Root Beer, dry ice was the hit!

Spider cupcake contest

We even made a pumpkin piƱata and was awesome to see the kiddos take a swing at it. 

Levi dressed as a Hawaiian boy and giving me the "hang loose" sign.

I always have such a great time with the family and love to spend as much time with the kiddos as possible. I also got to go to Caleb's soccer game, he rocked it with a goal...what a stud! love them

Pumpkin Patch

                      Pickin some Pumpkins!

Kole, Avrie, Kelan and Kristina


I thought it was about time for my annual post on the thing, we will see if anyone still looks at it! This October I went with one of my great friends Kristina and her family to pick some pumpkins, it was a lot of fun. It takes a lot of time and thinking to pick the perfect one!