Saturday, September 26, 2009


I loved moon there, I'm sure it was because there was not a lot of city lights to distract for it's beauty:) I really did love to just sit and look up at the sky.

I love sunsets!

Here is a really pretty catapillar

I Loved to see the monkeys, this one is a spider monkey I think...they are really funny. A lot of people have them as pets, I saw some people get "attacked" by one of these guys in an outdoor restaurant ,he just wanted their fried rice..

DONT love these guys...ok so the tarantulas are just really slow so you have the advantage. They usually don't bother you too much, just crawl on the ceiling.

There are these little guys everywhere, you have to watch out cause they will spring up out of no where. I didn't mind them too much though. When you can't sleep at night you just watch them crawl on your ceiling..then you start naming them so they are your friends.....

I loved the flowers they have...

My friend Chris with a pet parrot..tons of parrots everyone had them as pets and would feed them oreos:) yummmm

This is a coconut after you get done drinking the water from it. I didn't like it very much, kind of a bitter taste, then you eat the jelly after...

I think this picture is funny cause I wasn't supposed to be the focus...Just shows you that you need to pay attention when people are snappin some pic pics.